patient and nurse reading

My siblings and I were greatly relieved when our mother agreed that the time had come for her to seek a safer home, nearer her children. It was not an easy decision on HER part. She was leaving her cherished home and town after 88 years. Finding a suitable facility to meet her needs was also a challenge for ME, the sibling who would be responsible for overseeing her care.

Her health care is, of course, of the utmost concern. Her attending physician’s Nurse Practitioner is in the facility most days, and is available for consultation with her assigned nurse. Hence, I find that most issues can be dealt with swiftly, in house. The staff at Heritage Manor manage those appointments and transportation in a professional manner. Because of the attention to her physical care, Mama is healthier today than she was when she entered Heritage Manor.

Her health aside, my other real concern was the fact that Mama was increasingly, socially and physically, isolated in her home. NO MORE!! These days she enjoys an active schedule of bingo, movies, coffee & chit chat with her new friends and music, music and MORE music. The activities staff have entertained the residents with tea parties, horse races, flag ceremonies, luncheons and early evening forays to local restaurants. Mama participates in, and thoroughly enjoys, ALL OF THE EXCITEMENT of her new home!

I know that when she is ill, her needs are met. Likewise, when she is well, she is happy, safe, well fed, entertained and surrounded by people who care. Mama has lived at Heritage Manor for two years now and our family will celebrate her 90th birthday soon.

Pam (Sister of resident)

“It’s been a very good experience. It’s very calming and quiet. The staff keeps the families well informed. My mom raves about the food.”

Jurdine (Daughter of resident)

“It’s been so great. I love to meditate in the garden and read my Bible. It’s a bright and sunny atmosphere and I enjoy it.”

Patricia (Resident)